Proven, Collaborative, Powerful

Moving Flexibility from
Compliance to Collaboration.

Turn the Flex Request Process
into a Personal and
Business Gain in 2014.

FFWO Opportunities

Supervisor David Chiu championed
more work flexibility in San Francisco.
In this 2-minute video he describes the
gains to companies and families.

Proven Flex Tools

Rupert & Company championed the
flex request form as a leading tool
in flex initiatives globally. We can
support and strengthen the FFWO.

Success Depends on Everyone
Doing His or Her Part – and
Doing it Well

"The user-friendly tools helped
educate our employees and
managers on making the flex
request process work for our
people and our business."

-- Manager, Retail

"The form and advice helped me
approach my request with both my
and the business’s needs in mind.
My supervisor and I collaborated
on a solution that worked well."

– Employee, Accounting

Are Employees Ready?

What does the FFWO say you can ask for?
What schedule fits with your job?
Do you know how to write a request?
Have you thought about how your new
schedule could be good for the business?

Are Managers Prepared?

Are you ready to decide requests?
Can you ask or offer more than required?
Are the business reasons to say “no” clear?
How do you keep the needs of
the business in focus?

Will Collaboration Happen?

A flexible workplace depends on ongoing
collaboration. Is everyone ready to let go of
“our way or the highway” assumptions?
Can more and better communication
mark the process?

Flex Request Resources

Rupert & Company
Our consulting firm’s website offers a full
range of tools for companies to broaden
their flex approach. Best practice guidelines
base approvals on business impact,
not status. Proven tools such as online
training on flex options and request
tracking systems meet and exceed FFWO
requirements. Decades of work with
hundreds of companies have informed
our flex systems.

SF-FFWO Website
The City’s Office of Labor Standards enforces
the new law. This official site hosts the
law, forms and official information.

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