The Manager Guide:


Throughout this guide we describe two approaches to implementing the FFWO:

The first (“Compliant Approach”) explains the minimum needed to process a schedule change
The second (“Collaborative Approach”) meets the FFWO minimum and strengthens outcomes

All covered employers must implement FFWO. On a voluntary basis, they can choose the more inclusive and mutually beneficial approach outlined in the second track.



The FFWO requires that several communications be in writing. Only one template or form is provided, and it is both optional and minimal. You can designate use of a form or informal proposal.

What parts of the process must be in writing?

Employee schedule request
Change being requested
Date and duration of request
Caregiving reason

Manager approval or denial
If denied, business reason must be indicated

Employee can appeal a denial and the process is repeated

The city provides the following sample request form that can be downloaded below.




With the collaborative approach you can ask employees to consider the business in any proposal. This means looking for advantages to the business as well as to the employee – and addressing the negative impacts on the organization that might lead a manager to say “no” to a request.

The sample FlexWise™ form below can be downloaded and used if you choose.



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